Polo Nautico Viareggio, making use of partner shipyards’ experience and skills, offers the Owners, Maritime Agencies and Shipyards a wide range of services for the yachting industry:

Square and early intervention services

  • Haulage and launching
  • Handling with travel and / or trolleys
  • Suspension boat (max 12 hours)
  • Dry hull
  • Application antifouling and zincs replaced
  • Connection and supply electricity
  • Drinking Water
  • Emptying boxes
  • Tests for stability in bath
  • Service divers
  • Security plans and control


  • Haulage, Launching, Handling and Docking
  • Hull cleaning, antifouling treatment application and zinc protection replacement
  • Wood-carpentry works with specialized carpenters
  • Iron-and-light alloy works
  • Fiberglass or other composite (Kevlar, carbon fiber, etc) interventions
  • Engine replacement and servicing
  • Mechanical interventions on all types of transmissions
  • Mast removal on sailing boats
  • Repair and installation of new electric systems
  • Repair and installation of new hydraulic systems
  • Repair and installation of new electronic systems
  • Furniture building and restoration
  • Upholstery repair and replacement work
  • Power supply
  • Fresh water supply
  • Black water tanks supply
  • Bunkering
  • Diver services
  • Stability tank tests
  • Periodic surveys

All of the above services are provided by specialized and/or authorized personnel.